Service 1st Promotes “GREEN” Pools


Service 1st Promotes “GREEN” Pools

Swimming Pools are often overlooked when considering energy savings but have some of the most energy consuming equipment in your facility. Swimming Pool Circulation Pumps, incandescent lights, and gas heaters all consume excessive amounts of energy and all have options to save considerably. Whether your equipment is ten years old or one year old, these options still make sense as the Return on Investment (ROI) is so dramatic.

Swimming Pool pumps are typically single speed, 3500 RPM regardless of your turnover requirements resulting, in most cases, in considerable energy loss compared to actual turnover needs. Now that the environmental health departments are on board with variable speed pumps, we can now install pumps that supply exactly the RPM’s required to achieve your turnover requirements while your pool is open for use. When the pool is not open for use, we can dial that down considerably for further savings. Typical Energy Savings could be 50-70% with cost saving paybacks under two years.

Energy Efficient Swimming Pools
Swimming Pool incandescent lights are typically 500 watts resulting in extreme energy waste as well as a “yellowish” glow that somewhat resembles yellow algae! LED lights are typically 28 watts and typically can translate into 90% savings. Depending on your usage, pay-backs are generally under one year. LED lights have 50,000 hours of life also eliminating the need to constantly change light bulbs and gaskets further increasing your cost savings – incandescent light bulbs last up to 2500 hours. In addition to considerable savings, LED lights present a crisp, clear, “resort look” light that every facility desires. Resorts that switch to LED lights in their pools typically reshoot their marketing photos of the pool with the new lights as it presents a completely new look.

Swimming Pool Gas heaters typically range from 75% – 82% efficient. There are numerous new options now that offer up to 96% efficiency at full fire. Paybacks based on actual usage can be anywhere from 3-5 years.

All or any one of these options can change your energy guzzling pool into a green, energy efficient, cost savings machine. Contact Service First today for free quotes, payback analysis’, and free site survey energy audits.