Why Is Backflow Testing Important?


Why Is Backflow Testing Important?

“Backflow testing is a cross-connection or permanent connection between a public water system or consumer’s potable water system and any other source that contains non-potable water or other substances”. Backflow into a public water system can pollute or contaminate the water in that system making the water unusable or unsafe to drink.” (ABPA, American Backflow Prevention Association)

How often is Backflow Testing Done?

Backflow testing can either be done at a home or commercial property and testing is required yearly to each device. The county will send out notices to your home or commercial property at least (1) one month in advance.

Benefits to Perform Backflow Testing

  • Annual tests are beneficial to property owners to identify any problems with the assembly and can be repaired quickly. Without an annual test, the customer can be completely unaware of any broken parts or worn down pieces on the backflow assembly. If a broken backflow assembly goes unnoticed then the contaminants can slowly enter the water supply and serious health issues can arise. Having the annual test done will keep your mind at ease and everyone will be safe.

Process for Backflow Testing

  • The water will need to be shut off for 10-15 minutes to test each device. If there is a device located on the fire line, the fire system will need to be put on test mode.
  • If the backflow test fails, we will submit a proposal to repair or replace the backflow device. After the repair or replacement is completed, the device will be re-tested to ensure it passes the test.
  • If a repair or replacement is needed to the device the water will be shut off for a longer period of time depending on the type of repair.
  • Once the testing or repair is completed, Service 1st will submit the forms to the water department notifying it has been completed. A copy of the forms will also be sent over to the customer.

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